The Benefits of Tailor Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Sheepskin is the hide of the sheep, also known as lambswool or lambskin. It is tanned with the fleece intact, as in a pelt. Leather on the back and fur on the top.

Sheepskin brings with it comfort, durability, quality, luxury and protection. It provides the ultimate comfort of all materials used for car seat covers.

For people, a car or motorhome is a big investment and you want to look after it regardless if it’s new or second hand. Lambswool seat covers protect your vehicles seats, therefore protects your investment from accidents such as spills, stains and damaged upholstery from children, pets, sporting and recreational equipment, work gear and everyday wear and tear.

Sheepskin car seat covers will also keep the resale value of your car higher. You get the comfort while using them and your upholstery is in pristine condition when it’s time to sell. Essentially you are getting most of your money back for your initial outlay.

For people who purchase second-hand vehicles, as well as wanting to protect their seats they may need or want to refresh their interior to cover previous stains or damages or to just give the interior a makeover or to add a personal touch.

Custom made lambswool seat covers help to make hard seats comfortable. Sheepskin Tailors use a premium 25mm dense wool pile to add softness. Sheepskin seat covers protect leather seats from the suns UV rays. UV rays and heat from the harsh Australian sun shining into the car can dry out the leather causing cracks. It will also protect material seats from fading and deteriorating.

You can use our custom-made seat covers on heated seats as the lambswool acts like an insulator and even though the seats are covered you still get all the benefits of warmth from heated seats.

Sheepskin or Lambswool has a leather backing or hide. Dirt, sand and food crumbs will not go through to the seat. A thorough regular vacuum is the best way to maintain your car seat covers. With sheepskin/acrylic car seat covers, dirt and sand can move through the acrylic section of the seat cover. Movement combined with an ill-fitting seat cover will cause a grinding effect on the seat causing damage.

A custom or tailor made 100% sheepskin car seat cover will not move or cause damage to you seat when fitted correctly.

This is why you need to choose a tailor-made sheepskin car seat cover for each individual cars year, make and model. Sheepskin Tailors is a century old trusted Australian manufacturer who specialise in full premium 100% sheepskin car seat covers.


Sheepskin products can bring you:

COMFORT – Wool is naturally soft and comfortable

WARMTH – Wool is a natural insulator which keeps you warm when temperatures are cool

COOLNESS – It helps to circulate the air around your body, sheepskin products keep you cool when it’s warm, it is moisture wicking so it absorbs sweat

SAFETY – It is non-flammable

GOOD HEALTH – Sheepskin is non allergenic. It’s ok for asthma sufferers and others with various allergies. It is therapeutic by regulating your bodies temperature and improves circulation

Sheepskin also takes pressure off limbs and your back to relieve aches and pain. It is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and prevents the conditions that allow bacteria to thrive. No fibres or wool shed from sheepskin as they are bound/attached to the leather in the tanning process.