Sheepskin Tailors Care Guide

Hello, and welcome to the sheepskin car seat covers care guide from the team at Sheepskin Tailors. We want to thank you for trusting in our tailor-made sheepskin car seat covers.

Now that you have your sheepskin car seat covers, the next step is to fit them.

How to fit sheepskin car seat covers

A 20cm extension elastic is included with a male/female clip at either end. This is to help fit the elastics under your seat where it is hard to get your hands under. It will be left over at the end of the fitting. Sheepskin seat and headrest covers

First, remove the headrest. If your headrest doesn’t come out of the seat there will be an opening in the top of the seat cover that will close with velcro. There is a release button on the plug where the headrest pole goes into the seat. Press the button and pull the headrest out.

The seat covers are labelled “drivers” and “passengers” seat. Start fitting the top part of the seat first, push the plastic plugs on your seat through the headrest holes. On the cover there are three clips on the elastic that go through the crack of the seat – push them through. Then place the base of the seat cover making sure its all fitting into place well, pull the base right back.

There is plenty of sheepskin to go in the gap between the base and top of the seat.

Now raise the seat to its highest position and bring the seat forward as far as it will go. Then kneel down next to the seat one hand at the back, one hand at the front and clip the three elastics that went through the crack of the seat. These will connect to the elastics at the front of the seat.

Be careful of grease

Be careful; there may be grease on the rails. The last clip is from the outside to the inside of the seat, this is when the extension elastic will be most useful. It will go between the fabric and plastic panel, then under the seat to clip together underneath. Then make sure the cover is fitting well, if not wriggle it into place.

The headrest covers are labelled “front”, evenly slide the headrest cover on then close the velcro’s.

Trim off excess velcro if needed. Now return the headrests to the seat.

Maintaining Sheepskin Covers

Over time, the base of the seat cover can ride forward. This can put stress on the seat cover where it joins the top and base. In order to prevent this wriggle the base of the seat cover back so that the sheepskin sits in the crack of the seat.

With the new Toyota Land Cruiser and Sahara 2016 onwards, the elastics at the front of the base of the seat cover are to be threaded with the help of the extension elastic between the plastic panel and material on the seat. This will give a nice, snug fit. Do not stretch the elastics over the 10cm plastic panel as this will cause the seat cover base to pull forward.

The best way to clean your sheepskin car seat covers is to vacuum, the more the better.

We recommend to dry clean only if your covers need a thorough cleaning.


These sheepskin car seat covers have not been tested or approved by any governing authorities. If for any reason the side airbag fails to deploy, the manufacturer Sheepskin Tailors will not be held responsible. The opening for the airbag must always be left open and not covered or sewn together. Please note “drivers” and “passengers” labels inside the sheepskin seat covers are to be put on the correct seats. Covers may not be swapped around and are tailored to the car for which they were purchased. If you wish to put them on another vehicle you do this at your own risk.

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Are the sheepskin seat covers easy to fit?

Yes. There are full fitting instructions included and it will take 20 to 30 minutes to fit a pair. They secure under the seats with strong elastics and side release clips.

Can I come to you to have the sheepskin seat covers fitted?

Yes. We are located in Aldinga Beach S.A so if you’re able to come to us we will fit them on for you no charge.

Are your sheepskin seat covers 100% sheepskin? Are the seat covers lined?

Yes, our sheepskin seat covers are 100% sheepskin. We do not use acrylic or fake fur on our products. All our sheepskins are lined with an iron-on cotton lining.

Are your seat covers custom-made?

Yes, our sheepskin seat covers are fully tailor-made to each vehicle’s year, make and model. In the colour that you choose.

Where are your sheepskins from? Are they Australian?

Our sheepskins are from Australia and are tanned in a small boutique tannery located in Melbourne, Victoria.

What do you do for the airbags in the seats?

For the airbags in the seats, we have a cut-out approximately 20cm tall and 4cm wide.

How do I clean my sheepskin car seat covers?

A regular vacuum is advised to keep the seat covers clean. If you need a thorough cleaning we recommend dry clean only.

Does the open-back design fit as well as the full-back design? What’s the difference?

Yes, the open-back fits as well as the full-back. Looking at the back of the front seat the sheepskin comes down the top of the seat about 20cm and wraps around the sides of the seat about 10cm. Leaving an opening approx 30cm wide and 40cm tall to use the existing map pocket. The whole edge of the seat cover is reinforced with a strong 1cm wide elastic.

If you use the map pocket in the existing seat choose the open-back style.

If you choose the full back design you can not use the existing map pocket it will be covered.