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Where it all Began

R.M.Wickens, Sheepskin Tailors started with grandfather Charles in the 1900’s, he tanned and manufactured sheepskin products. Our family now continue with the tradition of high quality 100% sheepskin car seat covers. Wool is a natural fibre, comfortable yet durable. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Car seat covers protect your seats, your investment. They are individually tailored to the contours of every seat for a perfect fit.

Over the years with the changes of car safety eg air bags we have specially designed a seat cover that is compatible for car seats with air bags so there is still comfort and seat protection as well as plenty of access for air bag deployment. We also have designs that give access to map pockets or trays or a full back design so as the seat is fully covered.

We have 5 colours Cream, Bamboo, Stone, Charcoal and Black.

Wool needs to be soft and not dry, it should smell clean and natural not a chemical smell. Multi fit car seat covers from auto stores are lined to hide the many joins and imperfections of the skins. The wool length is quite often short 15 – 19mm wool pile which is not appropriate for a quality seat cover.

We do not have any pre made products on stock nor do we have multi fit products. Only when your order is placed we custom make your seat covers by using a hand made pattern and cutting panels individually and sewing together with a super strength cotton. Because we only use specific patterns for specific cars the fit will be perfect. The raw materials that we use are of premium quality.

It does not matter what the product is called lambs wool, sheep fur etc.. the real thing is sheepskin it
must have leather on the back and be a beautifully combed and clipped with soft wool fibres. We buy our high quality sheep skins from New Zealand as there are no tanneries left in Australia.

When fitting your car seat covers that are tailored to fit, they will fit like a glove, no wrinkles no bulges. We use side release that simply snap together. For the headrests we use velcro tabs that hold them together snuggly. Detailed fitting instruction are included with every pair.

Warranty is 12 months on manufacturing however we continually use the same dye lots so if you come into a disaster of heavy staining like soya sauce, lipstick or grease or an accident of the dog chewing the headrest we will replace the damaged panel free of charge for the life time of your seat covers.

Many thanks , The team at Sheepskin Tailors.

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