Handmade Australian Sheepskin
Car Seat Covers & Seat Belt Covers

Made from 100% Australian and New Zealand Sheepskin

Designed for Airbags


Sheepskin Car Seat Covers in Stone Colour

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Australian Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Front Seat Covers Full Back


Lambswool Seat Covers

Motorhome Seat Covers

Charcoal Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Australian made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers and Sheepskin Seat Belt Covers of the highest quality, manufactured with 100% pure sheepskin. Sheepskin Tailors offers its customers custom made seat covers of the finest quality. We tailor to each of your individual needs and requirements with a diverse range of colours and options available.

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Our seat covers are tailored to your car seat with a 25mm sheepskin wool pile. Cool in summer, warm in winter, the finest quality car sheepskin covers in the world!

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Sheepskin has benefits that no other seat cover can come close to.

Sheep Wool provides incredible thermal insulation

  • It creates warmth in Winter – This is because of the insulation properties of air trapped within the lambswool fibre. The air rises to body temperature and provides comfort at normal body temperatures.
  • Cool and comfortable in Summer – The fact is that wool is able to absorb up to thirty percent of its weight in moisture and liquid before it becomes wet.

Wool provides incredible comfort far beyond the support of just the car seat.

  • The complex fibres of wool in each of our quality seat covers acts as micro-springs, giving the ultimate support and providing complete satisfaction to eliminate any of your passengers discomfort.

Woollen car seat covers are odour and smell resistant.

  • This is because of natural anti-microbial properties in the wool, bacterial growth is stunted and odours are reduced.

The benefits of lambswool are consistent across our sheepskin covers, mainly identified by the wool length, which is important.

The benefits of highly quality grades:

  • More wool in higher grades, a combination of wool fibre length and density, enable the premium grade to impact a higher degree of all the natural benefits.
  • The greater fibre density of higher grades gives a higher degree of passenger comfort.

We make custom car seat covers and ship all over Australia, anywhere from Melbourne to Sydney, Perth to Adelaide, Tasmania and more.