Custom Made Seat Covers Prices

All of our car seat covers come with a warranty for any damaged panels. You can be rest assured that you will be receiving not only the finest quality sheepskin available in the world, but also the finest quality of service. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy.

Custom Made Sheepskin Car Seat Covers Front

Sheepskin front console cover $90
Sheepskin front arm rest $90
Sheepskin front head rest covers $130 (pair)
Sheepskin front inserts $550 (pair)
Sheepskin front seat covers open back $850 (pair)
Sheepskin front seat covers full back $920 (pair)

Custom Made Sheepskin Rear Seats

Sheepskin rear arm rest $140
Sheepskin rear head rest covers $130 (pair)
Sheepskin rear head rest covers $180 (three)
Sheepskin rear seat covers $990
Sheepskin rear seat covers full back $1150

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Seat Belt covers may be purchased directly online by clicking here.

Custom made to fit any type of vehicle including Land Crusier, Nissan Patrol, Pajero, Sahara, Toyota, Land Rover Discovery and more.

Delivery 14 – 28 Days