Process of your Sheepskin Order

You have been browsing the internet investigating and gathering information for a set of sheepskin car seat covers. It can be confusing. There are different qualities, prices, designs and colours. Car seat covers can be locally made in Australia or overseas imports.

Rest assured we are here to help. Your first point of contact is either via email or with a phone call. We can explain our business to you simply. We use 100% sheepskin with a 25mm wool pile on all our products. Our prices are lower than competitors for 100% custom made seat covers as we work from home saving up to $200 per pair. We don’t have shopfronts, therefore less overheads, this means savings for our customers. Our seat cover range includes inserts, open back or full back, and all are compatible for seats with airbags. Our colour range consists of 5 colours including Cream, Bamboo, Stone, Charcoal and Black. These are all coloured / dyed to match in with the interiors of today’s vehicles. We fully handcraft all our products. We don’t buy inferior, multi fit sheepskin acrylic products. We don’t use plates, we only use plush 25mm premium full sheepskin hides.

Some people know immediately the colour and design they prefer. Other people ask for recommendations and ideas. You might like your covers to blend in to your car interior or have a colour that makes your interior stand out. You may want to use the map pocket at the back of the seat or have the back of the seat fully covered and protected. If you would like one seat made, that’s no problem, you don’t have to purchase a pair.

It’s a big decision and the team at Sheepskin Tailors are here to help with any questions. We are more than happy to post out sheepskin colour samples to help you choose the colour that best suits your car interior.

Once your samples arrive and you are ready to order, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 65 37 32. The best way to order is over the phone so that we can get all the details we need to fulfil your order, plus we like to chat to people from all over Australia.

After you order, whether it’s by phone or email, we will send you a confirmation email so that you can check over and make sure we have all the details correct.

When your order is payed for by either direct debit or Visa or MasterCard, your order is then put into production.

Our sheepskins arrive in bulk colours of up to 500 sheepskins at a time. The sheepskins are matched up according to shades and textures to make sure there is consistency in the final product. We select the number of sheepskins needed for your order, then it’s time to cut. We get the pattern out for your car to ensure a perfect fitting, custom made sheepskin car seat cover. We have an extensive pattern collection. If we don’t have your pattern, we go out to our local car dealerships who kindly let us in to their showrooms so that we can make stencils for the seats for each individual year, make and model of the latest cars. The stencil is placed on the sheepskins and is traced and cut out panel for panel. After all the pieces are cut, they are machined up, seams are brushed out and clipped for a perfect neat finish. Seats are labelled ‘’drivers” and ‘’passengers’’ and headrests are labelled ‘’front’’. This is so it’s easy for customers to fit.

Your order is packed up and we SMS you an Australia Post tracking number and the day your order will be dispatched.

Fitting is easy and will take about hal an hour for front seats and headrests. Our seat covers are held in place with elastics and side release clips, the headrests secure with velcro. Fitting instructions are included, if you need extra guidance we are just a phone call away 7 days a week. Now all that’s left to do is to enjoy the comfort of your sheepskin car seat covers.